Friday, June 28, 2002

Doing our Best
Things are getting really bad here, economy-wise. I'm lucky to have a secure job. It doesn't pay marvelously but I know my salary will be paid into my bank account at the beginning of every month. Bish, on the other hand is self employed, and is affected by the ups and downs of the economy. So far, we've been very lucky.

But a lot of people haven't been. I've never known so many unemployed people, from all walks of life. A friend of mine had a shop in the center of Jerusalem. Last October she told me that if they don't have a good winter they won't survive. Since then there were - how many terrorist suicide bombings near her shop? A lot. Last time I spoke to her they were bankrupt and she'd just put her home on the market.

And we're told it's going to get worse.

Bish and I have been making an effort to buy only Israeli stuff. Maybe we can help prevent another factory from closing.

You can buy Israeli stuff through this site.