Monday, June 24, 2002

Jihad according to

My Dad has been raving about this Islami-Atheist website. The articles I've read are a bit extreme for my liking, but I've checked some of the Koran quotations in my Hebrew Koran and it's all there. (I have an Arabic Koran as well, but sadly I can't read it any more. I've forgotten most of the little Arabic I knew). There's an essay about Jihad, that although it isn't very politely written says some interesting things. The site seems to have been written by people who used to be Moslems, which makes it even more interesting. (Actually, if I remember rightly from the Islam lessons I took in high school, once you're a Moslem you're always a Moslem, so these guys are taking a great risk by writing this stuff). I apologize if the content offends any religious people.