Sunday, June 30, 2002

More about Azmi Bishara by Gil Shterzer
Gil Shterzer adds to my comments on Azmi Bishara from yesterday:
"Imshin J is not saying that but I will: Azmi Bshara is a dangerous man to Israel. He uses Israeli democracy against the state of Israel. He is walking on a thin line, Incites Israeli Arabs, Palestinians and Arabs in the surrounding states against Israel but keeps it blurry enough to get away. He is now facing charges in Israeli court after when visiting Syria he called to fight against Israel. But I'm sure he'll get away from punishment, the man is a wizard in using democratic measures such as the media and Israeli Justice to get what he wants.

An equivalent to Bshara visiting Syria (an enemy state) and calling there to fight Israel will be an American Senator visiting Iraq and calling to fight the US."