Saturday, July 27, 2002

I'm completely fed up of "the ceasefire" and Shehadeh
If you want to continue following these issues, visit Tal G. and Israeli Guy.

But just one more thing on this. Hannah Kim, who usually writes about the ins and outs of Israeli politics in Haaretz, gives a very plausible sounding explanation for the ceasefire story. It is a very explicit and detailed description of the process that led up to the nearly ceasefire. It's weakeness in my eyes is that it is rather romantic and decidedly anglophile. I'm wondering who her sources are and if they are more reliable than Ehud Ya'ari's. I didn't get to hear Ya'ari this evening.

I again remind you that the ceasefire discussed is not actually a ceasing of fire, but actually a ceasing of targeting Israeli civilians (a war crime), while continuing the violent struggle with the Israeli Army.