Sunday, October 27, 2002

Gas Station at the entrance to the town of Ariel: 3 murdered, about 18 wounded.
A Fatah suicide bomber blew himself up by the snackbar at the gas station in the entrance to Ariel, Jewish West Bank town. It was full of soldiers, they noticed him and while they were trying to overcome him (it’s not clear if one of the soldiers shot him or a security guard) he blew up. 3 murdered, 18 wounded. There is a hotel just nearby, and a commercial area. They say it's a busy waiting place for buses and transportation, for civilians and soldiers. I've never been there myself.

Yes, you remember correctly, the Fatah did say they’d stop suicide attacks, but only inside pre-1967 Israel. Old ladies and three year-olds that dare venture into the territories are fair game.

Reuters knows who’s to blame: “Four Die as Israelis Try to Thwart Suicide Bomber”.

They really do deserve a prize for masterful misinformation.

This morning I was happy to find a much sought after space to park my car near work. I noticed the car next to me had two open doors. Getting out of my car, I saw a young man sitting on the road next to the car with the open doors, dressed in shiny new army fatigues. He was busy polishing a pair of army boots! He looked like a reserve soldier on his way to begin his reserve duty. They said on the radio that reserve soldiers were among the wounded. The chances my boot polisher was one of the wounded are slim, but if he wasn’t wounded, someone else, just like him, was.