Saturday, November 16, 2002

The hotel didn’t make it
Last week I happened to drive past the Jeremy Hotel in Netanya. You may remember there was a terrorist attack there just before the Passover Massacre in the nearby Park Hotel. A baby and a young man were killed. It’s a small hotel. Religious families often spend their Shabbats there. I know a girl who split up from her husband and he’s been living in the hotel next door, which is the same sort of place. Well anyway, when I drove by last week, it was completely dark. I thought to myself, they probably only open it on weekends, for the religious guests. Last night, erev Shabbat (Friday night) I drove past again. All dark. It must have closed down. So sad.

All the hotels in Netanya are struggling and many are closing down. It’s just that I always look at this one when I drive past, because of the terrorist attack.