Wednesday, November 20, 2002

This is precious: Arafat is extending his hands to Amram Mitzna, sparkling new chairman of the Labor party, so that together they can create the Peace of the Brave (kissy kissy) and sail hand in hand into the sunset (more kissy kissy) [OK, I made the last bit up]. Now I feel much more convinced to vote for Mitzna. [This was a humble attempt at sarcasm]

Arafat can’t loose with Amram “OsloSpeak” Mitzna because he “has said (that) even if Arafat fails as a peace partner, he would unilaterally withdraw from much of the territories”. Thus our new master negotiator. I’d say Arafat’s rubbing his hands together with glee at the chance of engaging this easy touch for a game of “Till Death Us Do Part” poker (emphasis on the Death).

[Message for Andrew: I don't mean ANYTHING by this. I have no POINT to make. I'm just being a small-minded, catty Israeli, expressing my displeasure at "OsloSpeak" Mitzna's intention to negotiate (unskillfully) with a terrorist and a liar, if elected. Hopefully, I'm not the only Israeli with these sentiments, so maybe we'll be spared his bright ideas reaching fruition.]

And now for a joke (warning: could cause tears, but not from mirth):
What sort of Israelis does the BBC see fit to interview?
Those who despise Israel and other Israelis the most, of course.