Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Blogging block
Lately, I have no idea what other bloggers are talking about. Most of the time they seem to be talking about people and things I know nothing of. Maybe it's my brain tissue melting.

Nothing particularly interesting seems to be happening over here. The economy, the single parents' struggle, the crisis in the health system. Am I meant to have an opinion on these things? What for?

Is it a summer thing? Does everyone sink into lethargy on the first of July, to reemerge only on the first of September?

Or is it just me?

I have two little girls in the shower, Youngest and a friend. They were at the pool today in summer camp and they don't really shower there very well. So. Every two seconds I have to go and help out with soap in eyes or some other such calamity. Any minute now it'l be combing parade time.

This was their last day at summer camp. Now I'll have to start taking Youngest to the pool myself. Eldest goes with friends thankfully. I'm an embarrassment (At last!).

Showers finished they're going down to play goomi (a skipping game) under the building. The heat seems to affect kids differently.

Why is it all year I say "We'll do it in the summer" and then when summer comes I'm too exhausted to do anything?

New Israeli blog: Israellycool. Doesn't seem to be affected by summertime apathy. Maybe he's a fraud. A cool fraud. I will discuss this question further. In September. Anyway, he's the guy of the moment. Go see. And I wasn't the one who cut him on the Ayalon Freeway. Honest!