Saturday, August 16, 2003

Not fair
Lynn B. sent me over to The Death Clock and I thought I was sure to be told I would live forever, especially now my diet has been such a success and I'm skinny and gorgeous and planning to write a book about my revolutionary dieting method and make millions. Alas, they wanted my weight in lbs. and my height in inches and feet. Sorry, no can do. These are foreign concepts for me. Hey, wait a minute...think think... can't fill in the form...think think...maybe that means I will live forever, after all. Yippee!

Don't be downcast, if you are brighter than me, you can do the conversion (that is if you don't usually deal with strange things like lbs and the likes) and find out how long you've got, statistically speaking, you lowly mortal you!

Update (I thunk thunk again. Us skinny and gorgeous gals have to think much more just to stay in the same place): Pity Idi Amin died so soon (see below), I could have tried out my diet on him. I'm calling it The Eat Less Diet. Whatever you do, don't try John's diet. Mine is far superior.