Monday, August 18, 2003

Shark Blog is the very deserving Site of the Week on Israpundit. Stefan says really nice things about me there among other things, for some strange reason. Isn't that sweet?

And I'm on vacation from work as of today, till 3rd September. I've got lots of exciting activities planned for the girls and Bish, when he can get off. For instance, today the girls and I spent two hours and a quarter in the Consular Section of the British Embassy, (but then they went off for a real fun day with Our Sis). I am proud to announce that Misrad Hapnim, the Israeli Interior Ministry, at least the very busy North Tel Aviv branch near me, is way way more efficient, as far as serving the public is concerned, than the British Consular Section in Tel Aviv, although the clerk in the British Embassy is really lovely, helpful, and patient (but why on her own on a busy morning?).

Tomorrow the girls and I are off to Haifa as tourists. We'll see the sites, including the house I grew up in. I'm not sure they're interested in that particular tourist attraction, but they'll see it anyway. I haven't been in my old neighborhood for over ten years. I'm curious to see how small it got.

Oh, and top of the news here, in case you were wondering, is the latest Arik Sharon corruption affair (yawn).