Friday, August 15, 2003

Something I've noticed lately.
I keep seeing English speaking kids with American accents accompanied by what looks like Israeli grandparents. They're everywhere, at the beach, in stores, in the apartment across the way. Seeing them shopping in stores amazes me most. They are buying clothes, specs, and whatnot in Israel because…? It can't be cheaper, surely. Could it possibly be perceived as cooler? I find this difficult to fathom. Last week at the beach when we were in the sea jumping over the breaking waves, Youngest, affectionately known as "The Fog Horn" was screaming at the top of her voice with every approaching wave. I was trying to get her to stop this to no avail. My ears weren't enjoying the sensation. A little girl near us, one of the aforementioned American grandchildren, hitherto quietly behaving herself, noticed this and, obviously thinking this was the way to go about things in this part of the world (not far from the truth actually), commenced screaming as well, while looking at Youngest with those trusting "lets be friends" eyes kids have (and adults don't). Youngest completely ignored her. Of course she did, she was too busy deafening her long-suffering mother.

I wonder why I never noticed this summer influx of descendants of ex-Israelis-gone-to-seek-their-fortune-overseas before. Maybe they haven't been for a while because of the Terror War and now that they're daring to return they're all the more noticeable.