Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I feel like someone who just said, "Don't think about pink elephants". You must all be imagining Allison wielding a great big axe. How mean of me.

Allison is great. She's just my sort of person. I knew she would be. I'm rather introverted so I need nice outgoing people (like Bish). Allison is just my cup of tea (Or should that be coffee? She made me two excellent cups). She needn't have worried about tidying up, though. As I see it, you either blog OR have a neat and tidy home. You can't have both. Actually, I didn't have a neat and tidy home before I blogged, so I must be a natural (Isn't there a blogger out there who sells "Born to Blog" T-shirts? I should buy one).

Allison really does have a problem with her judgment of people, though. Me wise??! That will have Bish and the girls rolling about in hysterics. I'll never live it down.