Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I'm tired of writing about The Situation. I'm tired of thinking about it, I haven't got the energy. It's hopeless. I can't look at The Big Picture or even at a little bit of the picture, without feeling despair. I want it to finish already. I want the Palestinians to have a state, and for them to be able to live in freedom and in affluence; I want the settlements dismantled; I want the Palestinians and all Arabs (and the rest of the world, for that matter) to accept our presence here; I want the terrorists in prison or dead or reformed; I want to know my children and grandchildren have a future; I want to know I will be able to grow old in peace in my home that I love.

I want us all to live happily ever after.

I'm worn out. I don't want to think about it any more.

Maybe it's because my mother's first Yahrzeit (the Hebrew date of her death) is coming up. I'm a bit low on energy.

That’s why I have had nothing to say lately. More or less. Meanwhile, here are some nice
illusions. Via cloudshift.