Saturday, January 17, 2004

Hectic afternoon. Youngest had a piano recital at six, but would she miss her friend’s birthday party at four? No way Jose. So forget about Shabbat after-lunch siesta, usually holy; rush the young generation to her party; rush home; spend the next half hour looking at the clock; rush out again to yank her out of the party by the ear; rush out yet again with music pages, footstool, coats, food offerings, etc (Oops - forgot flowers for teacher), to the place the recital is being held*, so child wonder (bite your tongue off, Imshin) will have time to sample the unfamiliar piano before it all starts.

And then, sit and kvell. Worth it.

These should be the worst of my troubles ;-)

Is it legal for a Jewish mother to kvell, when the musical talent can only have been inherited from the other side?
* Without a doubt the poshest apartment I have ever stepped foot in. But then, I don't get out much.