Thursday, March 11, 2004

I saw a child on the television, the other day, a girl recuperating from a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The bus she had been riding, on her way to school, blew up. She was fatally wounded, but somehow managed to pull through and survive.

She looked just like Eldest, same age, same build, same gentle tone of voice. She said that after the blast the man next to her didn’t have any legs. He said to her, “Little girl, there has been a terrorist attack. Run away, save yourself.” She said it was like the miracle of Purim, in which we celebrate the Jewish people being saved from destruction. This was her miracle – she didn’t die.

* * * *

She looked like Eldest. She probably looked like a lot of children. I’m sure I wasn’t the only mother sitting there, watching her, and crying.

Today something horrific happened in Spain. When will people wake up? When will people understand that there can be no justification for terrorism?

Please listen. This is an epidemic. It may seem far away from you now, but it will reach you eventually, wherever you are. If you do nothing to stop it now, you are bringing it nearer. Before you know it, the little girl on the television will be speaking your language, will be someone you know.