Friday, March 05, 2004

Let the festivities begin!
Well, two girls have been sent off to school in all of their Purim splendor, one yellow and fluffy and the other, purple and gorgeous (and wearing a very expensive black velvet dress of mine that I’ve never worn). Purim is on Sunday, but there is a school vacation so they strut their stuff (literally, in the case of the yellow and fluffy one) today.

I think I was more excited than they were this morning. I was so nervous I couldn’t plait Youngest’s hair properly. ‘Now don’t be nervous,’ she tried to sooth me, ‘Think that it isn’t Purim at all, just an ordinary day, like any other’. Why is it I have two daughters who are both so much more sensible than I am?

And I couldn’t get the camera to work. Of course, it’s fine now. Grrrrr.

Purim always has this feeling of hilarity. I popped into the supermarket and the guys in the fruit and vegetable department had funny hats on. As I was leaving, one of the younger and livelier cashiers was trying to get all the other ones to put on colorful wigs. This cashier highly amused me last week, as I was going through her cash registry, by letting me (and the whole store) listen to her animated conversation with the girl next to her about thongs and sex. As I left the store I noticed the head cashier call her over and reprimand her for talking about sex in front of the customers.

I bought a gorgeous wig in Amsterdam, when I was there. It was pretty expensive, but the guy I bought it off was speaking Arabic, so I wasn’t embarrassed to haggle about the price, and got it for less. Anyway, I can’t find it now. How aggravating. Not that I’ve got any hot parties to go to, and I won’t wear it to work on Sunday because I sit alone and it’s a bit pathetic to be sitting all alone in a small office with a fancy wig, isn’t it?

On second thoughts, WTF? (Pardon my awful language. It’s down to Purim, of course) I think I will wear it, if I find it.