Saturday, May 22, 2004

Its me who is the turncoat
I am the worst kind of snob. Most of my friends are lefties. If you were Israeli, and you saw me on the street in Tel Aviv, you would immediately recognize, by the way I look, that I am a lefty too. And you’d be right. The truth is that, and not only culturally speaking, I am a lefty.

So why am I badmouthing them all the time? Why have I purposefully distanced myself from them and their views? Is this part of my adolescent rebellion, spilling over into middle age?

Maybe I feel free to pull them to pieces specifically because I am one of them. It’s like Jews telling jokes that if told by non-Jews would be anti-Semitic. In a neurotic Eastern European Jewish way, I am pulling myself to pieces at the same time and that makes it okay.

There is also the negligible fact that I really have changed my mind about quite a few things, as a result of a serious shift in my perception of reality, and I’m kind of peeved that my former comrades haven’t seen the light along with me.

But I like the adolescent rebellion explanation best. Makes me feel young.