Sunday, May 23, 2004

Popularity Contest
[File under: The bi-weekly whine]

This intense anger, even hatred, that is directed towards us by the majority of people in the West, where will it lead us? It is not possible to change people’s minds. We are the villains, the Nazis who murder millions of people in gas chambers and make soap and lampshades out of their dead bodies. Oh, we haven’t done that, have we? Nor anything even remotely similar. Never mind. We’re still just as bad as the Nazis, if not worse.

How long before they make us get out of the territories? How long before they force us into accepting the exact same peace agreement, or very nearly the same, that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat four years ago and he turned down, preferring violence?

And when they do force us to accept our very own suggestions, will this bring peace? Will this stop the violence, the targeting of civilians? Will the Palestinians, all of them, give up their aspirations to be rid of us, completely? And if all of them don’t, will the ones who do be prepared to tackle the ones who don’t?

Can any of you angry Westerners give me any guarantees? Can you promise me that when we are out of the territories, and the Palestinian state is nicely established, led by whoever, that there will be peace? If you can, please tell me. Please e-mail me right away to imshin at bigfoot dot com. I need to know.

And tell me, can I sue you if it doesn’t work out? Who do I send the proverbial bill to, should it blow up in our faces, yet again? What will your promises be worth then? Will you put us all up, on your front lawn?

Why do I write this blog and worry myself about these things? Is it some sort of mental illness, do you think? I should just live my life, enjoy my family, play with the cat, read a book, do the laundry (this last one for the long-suffering Bish). What will be will be. So the world hates us. So what? It could be worse.

Mental note to myself: Don’t worry, be happy.