Tuesday, August 31, 2004

16 Murdered in Beer Sheva; at least 91 wounded (figures updated)
Two buses drove out of the central bus station in Be’er Sheva this afternoon, and blew up at nearly the same time, as they entered the center of town. 16 people were murdered; over ninety were wounded, many severely.

If you’ve been reading some of the other bloggers on a regular basis, Meryl for instance, you will know that this is no surprise. Security forces have been preventing such attacks all the time, every day. It is inevitable that sometimes they should slip through. Nothing has changed besides Israel putting up a fight to put an end to it all. The Palestinian Authority is quite happy for the bloodshed to continue.

This is the first time buses have blown up in the southern town of Be’er Sheva, though not the first terrorist attack in that town.

Why Be’er Sheva you may ask? Easy, NO APARTHEID WALL there! They haven’t got around to building the Peace Fence in that part of the country yet, so it is relatively easy to infiltrate from the Mount Hebron area.