Sunday, August 22, 2004

Isn’t the women’s marathon something? They’re amazing these women. How can they keep up such a pace for such a long time? Two hours into the race and they’re far faster than Bish and me even dream of, in our little thirty minute jog in the park of an evening. And it's even hotter there than along the Yarkon River.

I’ve been enjoying the route as well. The scenery looks familiar, somehow. And what about that Japanese runner? Small, short legs, and she’s leading - inspirational.

Update: She won! Wasn't it suspenseful? And they're saying that number three, the American, is Jewish, but you can never believe these commentators on channel one. An Israeli runner participated. She finished forty-something. I'm dead proud of her too.

Update update: Is too Jewish, according to Dr. Funk, who was even kind enough to point me to the evidence.